Пт. Дек 9th, 2022

Major auction house Christie’s will hold a non-fungible token (NFT) CryptoPunks sale, while an unknown collector (possibly in making) placed millions of dollars in bids for sixteen Punks.

CryptoPunks. Source: A screenshot, christies.com

Per Christie’s announcement, they’ll be selling nine digital collectibles known as CryptoPunks from marketplace Larva Labs‘s collection.

These will be included in the ’21st Century Evening Sale’ planned on May 13 in New York.

These CryptoPunks are from mints below 1,000 (from 10,000 in existence), as they were among the first to be created. «Taken together, the set represents both the rarest possible CryptoPunks and highlights from the variety of attributes that are the signature of the project,» the creators said.

In March, Christie’s sold artist Beeple’s NFT piece ‘Everyday: The First 5000 Days’ for the record-breaking 42,329 ethereum (ETH) (USD 69.4m at the time and USD 88,63m today). The auction house will again accept bids and payment in ETH.

Per Larva Labs, in the last 12 months the CryptoPunks market saw 8,332 sales, while the total value of all sales is ETH 134,170 (USD 280.93m). The current lowest price Punk available is ETH 19.4 (USD 34,338).

Meanwhile, somebody has placed ETH 3,034 (USD 6.3m) on 16 CryptoPunks. This account shows no Punks owned and no previous activity in buying/selling them.

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