Standard delivery

With standard delivery you receive your parcel within 3-5 days. Shipment is done via Parcelforce Worldwide, a leading provider of collection and delivery services for urgent packages and parcels within the UK and throughout the world. Delivery charge is calculated according to the weight of the products. For the standard delivery of all Major Home Appliances you should receive your goods within 5 days.

Professional Services

We provide a complete array of supply chain management solutions involving air freight, ocean freight, trucking, warehousing and distribution. Your competition is vying for every dollar to sell their products in this fiercely competitive market. Don't miss out because your freight costs are too high! Talk to us and we will work the most competitive routing means of transportation, be it air, ocean, truck or even warehousing with just in time deliveries

Express Delivery

With Express Delivery, place your order before 12 a.m. and receive the delivery within 24-48 hours. Orders placed before 10 a.m. will be dispatched the following day. Shipment is done expressly, the global market leader of the international air express industry. Delivery charge is calculated according to the weight of your products and urgency of delivery. Please note that since we do not deliver on weekends, if your order is placed on a friday, it will be delivered to you on the following Monday provided that your product is in stock at our warehouse

Second Title

To meet the global growth expectations of our clients, Hapag Cargo Shipping Company offers security solutions that fit the specific needs of international organizations. Hapag Cargo Shipping Company can bring substantial benefits to your international organization by offering:
• A single point of contact for all international security solutions
• Increased specialization and customer segment expertise
• Synergies and shared best practices for your organization
• Consolidation of suppliers to optimize your internal resources
• Full compliance with laws and regulations within all markets.