About us

Our Mission

To build rewarding partnerships through our unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Who we are

We have designed some of the most sophisticated alarm and security systems in the UK. We have been committed to providing progressive companies, businesses, industries and residences with the most advanced, highest quality security products and services available anywhere. Our experienced staff of trained professionals is dedicated to making every security, system integration, delivery of important consignments and goods, we provide informative and positive buying experience. We understand the importance of being comfortable with your security system and confident in your decision. Therefore, we work with you to custom design the right system for your specific needs.

About Excelled best delivery

Established in UK, Hapag Cargo Shipping Company has vigorously sought to achieve and maintain the prime objective of service excellence within the logistics industry. Intrinsic to the management of Hapag Cargo Shipping Company is a determination to align the service of the company with the demands of our customers, all requiring a world-class freight forwarder, capable of enhancing and adding value through the complete supply chain.

Our Vision

To remain a market leader within the logistics industry, maintaining world class standards, adding value to the products of our customers.

Keeping ahead of the ever-changing dynamics of the industry, Hapag Cargo Shipping Company has emerged as a market leader, with high priority being placed globally on direct solutions for our customers. Access to operations, administration and communication is afforded via a worldwide network of branch offices and like-minded partners capable of maintaining our commitment to service excellence.

Our strategy of partnering with industry leading service providers globally has ensured that Hapag Cargo Shipping Company firmly entrenches the quality of service the company offers internationally.