Чт. Дек 1st, 2022

Justin Sun’s Tron (TRX) has attracted more unwanted media attention this week after French politician Georges Tron was convicted of rape and sexual abuse of staff, flooding France’s social media with the #tron hashtag and the protocol’s logo.

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On French social media, in many instances, the hashtag #tron, which automatically adds Tron’s logo, was accompanied by hashtags such as #viol (‘rape’ in French), presenting the blockchain’s logo in a hardly desirable context.

Yesterday, the hashtag was reportedly trending in France.

Bitcoin received its own emoji a year ago, while some other industry players rushed to pay Twitter in order to get their own emoji.

In either case, the latest development came as Tron was accused this week of paying celebrities for unlabeled promotions of this blockchain and its native token, TRX.

Meanwhile, Justin Sun came back from a self-imposed Twitter hiatus, that lasted a few days, to announce he was going „all in” on DeFi.

«Firstly, I want to say that the bull market #TRON will not be absent, it is here to stay. This month alone, #TRON $USDT transfer has surpassed Ethereum 3X!» Sun tweeted, adding that «With such progress, I plan on going ALL-IN on #DeFi! We will have a $TRX $BTT $JST $SUN $WIN 5-coins joint super #DeFi century mining end of this month!»

However, he did not elaborate any further.

Last year, Tron already announced its plans to create a new ecosystem for decentralized finance on Tron, dubbed «JUST DeFi» and launched JustSwap, Tron’s token swap protocol.

Also today, the Tron Foundation announced that the total value locked in Tron DeFi has exceeded of USD 2.4bn.

At the time of writing (11:59 UTC), TRX, ranked 21st by market capitalization, trades at USD 0.0615 and is up by 16% in a day and 7% in a week. The price doubled in a month.

Over the past years, Justin Sun has found himself in the center of a number of controversies. In his home country of China, he faced criticism in 2019 after an alleged Ponzi scheme that has been associated with Tron ended abruptly.

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