Пт. Дек 9th, 2022
Source: Adobe/Nuthawut

Amid the looming April 18 tax filing deadline in the US, as much as 96% of surveyed crypto investors had not filed their tax returns as of March 27, and 74% want more information on how to file taxes from their crypto exchanges, according to a small survey commissioned by crypto portfolio tracking and tax compliance specialist CoinTracker.

Carried out by Wakefield Research, the survey of only 100 US crypto investors surveyed this past March indicates that, with regards to calculating taxes on their crypto-related activities, 84% of respondents are not completely confident they have the necessary know-how, CoinTracker said. The collected data is testimony to the widespread confusion surrounding crypto taxes.

Given a list of possible crypto-related situations that require paying income tax, a mere 3% of respondents got all answers correct, and 97% had at least one wrong answer. Among others, 58% do not realize they should pay taxes when trading one type of cryptoasset for another, and 64% ignore the same applies when using crypto to purchase a good or service.

This knowledge gap can lead taxpayers to inaccurately file tax returns, and potentially result in crypto investors paying excessive or insufficient taxes, the company said.

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